Meet Our Posh Paw Pet Care Team


“Always having a love for animals, both big and small, Alex pursued her passion early on. She started working with cats when she was 18 at Whiskers Cat Shelter. From there, after graduating from high school and starting college, she worked at a dog and cat boarding facility. She knew from then on that she wanted to start grooming! She worked at PetSmart for 5 years grooming both dogs and cats. It was there that she realized how much she enjoyed cat grooming! Dog lovers- do not worry! She does love dogs just as well. Her four year old German Shepherd, Silas can vouch for that. At our salon, she has a Cat Room, a safe place where it’s quiet, and she can spend one on one time with each cat, making them feel as safe and comfortable as she would want her own cats to feel when being groomed! Alex is excited to meet your pet and give them the love and care they deserve!”


“Morgan has worked in the animal industry for, five years now. She has experience taking care of dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds! Her own dog, Kovu, a borzoi, is 100 lbs! Breed specific cuts are what she just LOVES to do! From cockers to schnauzers to poodles and doodles, Morgan takes pride in making your dog look and feel it’s best. She is also incredibly passionate about creative grooming and coloring, so if you want to add a little creativity to your pups next groom, sh would be more than happy to do it! She is very skilled in working with nervous and fearful dogs. Morgan has the patience to show them how fun grooming can be! She can’t wait to meet your pup and pamper them with a spa day!”


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